Process changing for warnings about excessive EBT replacement requests

In response to recent FNS changes in the federal SNAP rules targeting illegal trafficking, the CalFresh program is changing its process for warnings to recipients who make repeated requests for replacement EBT cards. Effective 2015, County Welfare Departments will issue warning letters to any EBT cardholder after the fourth card replacement within any rolling 12-month period. Upon the fifth request, if trafficking is suspected, the County will be required to refer the case to the Special Investigation Unit (SIU).

That said, this ACL recognizes that frequent requests for EBT card replacement may be indicative of non-fraudulent situations, e.g., the recipient’s need for a disability-related reasonable accommodation, simply (although frequently) misplaced cards, or the recipient’s inability to properly use the card. The County is expected to explore these alternate reasons for the repeated requests before making an SIU referral. ACL-14-90.