Suppression of child support enforcement

The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) has issued new policy regarding the use of suppressions of child support enforcement actions.

Suppressions shall not be placed on Financial Institution Data Match because this is considered a locate tool.

Suppressions shall not exceed 12 months except for bankruptcy and interest suppressions.  Bankruptcy suppressions are reviewed by Local Child Support Agency legal counsel.

Credit reporting must be suppressed for noncustodial parents who are incarcerated for more than 90 consecutive days unless the noncustodial parent has the means to pay or incarceration is for domestic violence or failure to pay child support.

Interest can only be suppressed because of a court order or active out-of-state order.

Income Withholding Orders can only be suppressed when there is a court court order that the wage assignment is stayed, the parties file a stipulation with the court and the noncustodial parent is compliant every month, or social security derivative benefits exceed the court ordered obligation.  (CSSP Letter 19-02, February 12, 2019.)