CalFresh revised forms and notices due to expansion to SSI recipients

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is revising several forms because of the expansion of CalFresh eligibility to SSI recipients. The CF 285 Application for CalFresh Benefits now includes optional questions regarding the need for a reasonable accommodation and if there is a history of domestic violence, and questions excluding SSI recipients have been removed.  The CF 33 CalFresh Budget Worksheet-Special Medical/Shelter Deduction now includes CalFresh, Supplemental Nutrition Benefits and Transitional Nutrition Benefits programs.

The CF 285, CF 33, CF 377.1 Notice of Approval for CalFresh Benefits, CW 2200 Request for Verification, and SAR 2 Reporting Changes for Cash Aid and CalFresh are all digitally accessible, meaning that screen readers can access them.  The CF 285, CF 33, CF 377.1 and CW 2200 are not available in large font, and, upon request by a county to CDSS, in Braille.

Counties must begin using these new forms on June 1, 2019.  (ACL 19-49, May 20, 2019.)