CAPI end of social security number requirement for PRUCOL

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued a new SOC 814 Statement of Facts that includes ending the requirement for persons who are permanent residence under color of law (PRUCOL) to provide a Social Security Number as a condition of CAPI eligibility.  The change to the SOC 814 reflects CDSS’s policy change that persons who are PRUCOL are no longer required to have a Social Security Number as a condition of eligibility for CAPI.  All other CAPI applicants must have a Social Security Number.

CDSS made several other changes to the SOC 814 including adding an opt-in box to communicate by text messaging, changes to the sexual orientation and gender identity information questions and changing the language preference question to require an answer.

The revised SOC 814 also now includes the question “Are you a victim of abuse?”  CDSS directs counties to always refer the case to Adult Protective Services if the answer is yes, and that a yes answer should notify the county that the abuse exception to sponsor deeming might apply.  (ACIN I-35-19, May 16, 2019.)