Child support transportation service and education and outreach

The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) has issued policy regarding transportation and education and outreach.  This policy implements sections of the new federal child support regulations that became effective on December 20, 2016.

The new federal regulations at 45 CFR Section 304.20(b)(3)(v) authorize providing transportation assistance such as bus fare or taxi reimbursement for participation in the establishment of and enforcement of child support orders.  DCSS policy is that each local child support agency may, at its discretion, provide minor transportation assistance costs.

The new federal regulations at 45 CFR Section 304.20(b)(12) also authorize education and outreach activities intended to inform the public, parents, family members and young people who are not yet parents about the child support program, responsible parenting, family budgeting and other financial responsibilities when parents are not living together.  DCSS policy is that local child support agencies may conduct education and outreach activities.  (CSSP Letter 19-05, June 4, 2019.)