Revisions to CAPI forms SOC 804 and SOC 813

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued a revised versions of the SOC 804 and SOC 813 for the CAPI program.

The SOC 804 is the annual redetermination form.  Redetermination is done every 12 months and any time that the county becomes aware of a changes in the recipient’s circumstances.  Changes to the form include requiring an answer for the claimant’s preferred language, adding the question “Are you a victim of abuse” and adding questions to facilitate referrals for In Home Supportive Services.

The SOC 813 is the form for a determination of a request for the indigence exception to sponsor deeming.  In general, the income of a sponsor is deemed to the claimant for 10 years, regardless of whether the sponsor is actually providing support.  In some situations, a CAPI applicant or recipient who is not being supported by their sponsor and who therefore is unable to obtain both food and shelter, can have sponsor deeming suspended for 12 months.

The new Living Arrangements section of the form asks about whether the claimant receives food and shelter.  The indigence exception can apply if the claimant is unable to obtain both food and shelter.  In describing this section of the form, CDSS states as a matter of policy that someone who receives CalFresh benefits can obtain food and therefore is ineligible for the indigence exception.  The form also states that Section 8 housing assistance and other government housing subsidies are to be included in calculating cash and in kind contributions from others in determining eligibility for the indigence exception to sponsor deeming.  (ACIN I-34-19, May 16, 2019.)