Project Roomkey and rehousing strategy

Project Roomkey is a statewide program to provide emergency, non-congregate shelter placements (hotel/motel) for people experiencing homelessness and are in need of isolation.

Project Roomkey funds must be used to offer supports starting from the point of outreach engagement through their stay in non-congregate shelter and until the participant is stabilized in permanent housing.  Project Roomkey programs must add or bolster rehousing assistance to their current service provision.

Local governments are encouraged to identify local, state and federal finding to leverage additional resources.

Rehousing assistance can include housing barrier removal, including credit repair or legal services, landlord encouragement and incentives, move-in and housing stabilization costs, rental assistance, assistance with higher level of care placements.

Funds can also be used for housing-related case management, housing navigation, and surge activities, which are coordinated efforts to quickly rehouse a group of people experiencing homelessness.  (ACWDL, November 18, 2020.)