COVID-19 Extension of CalWORKs time on aid exemption

The California Department of Social Services has issued guidance regarding extension of the COVID-19 time on aid exemption from the CalWORKs maximum time on aid.  Months will not count toward the CalWORKs time on aid limit until the 60-month time on aid limit is implemented.  People will remain eligible for CalWORKs as long as they have received less than 48 countable months of CalWORKs.

Note that until June 30, 2021, the COVID-19 time on aid exemption did not apply if the recipient was over either 48 months of CalWORKs or over 60 federal countable months.  Going forward, the COVID-19 time on aid exemption applies if the recipient has received less than 48 CalWORKs countable months, regardless of the number of federally countable months the recipient has received.  (ACL 21-82, July 8, 2021.)