ACWDL 05-32: Section 1115 Demonstration Application Template – Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina (10/5/05)

Reminds counties that, pursuant to the Lynch v. Rank lawsuit, every potentially eligible Pickle person must receive a Pickle Medi-Cal notice for three consecutive years. The letter also announces that individuals listed during years previous to the most recent three will be dropped from the Pickle Tickler report and a year’s worth of ineligibles will be purged each year. Lynch also requires that each person on the Pickle Tickler listing who has an active Medi-Cal case or who brings the Tickler notice into the county welfare department to apply under the Pickle Amendment shall have an eligibility determination completed.[Download]

DHS ACL 04-08 – Disability Program Reminders to Assist in Reducing Case Errors and Overall Disability Case Processing Time (March 16, 2004)

Identifies and reminds counties and State Disability and Adult Program Division of the procedures for processing disability cases in the areas where errors occur most frequently. Reiterates that Presumptive Disability (PD) decisions allow certain applicants with severe medical conditions to immediately receive full scope Medi-Cal while their disability evaluations are being processed. [Download]