End of 25 day hold period for Appeals Council requests for review

The Social Security Appeals Council previously waited 25 days to act on a request for review.  Social Security has changed its policy and will no longer hold requests for review for 25 days.  Claimants who want additional time to submit evidence or argument must now elect for that on the Form HA 520 Request for Review of Hearing Decision.

Claimants and representatives can still request extensions to submit additional evidence to the Appeals Council.  (Social Security Dear Colleague Letter, April 13, 2023.)

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Continuing Disability Review reports are now available online

Social Security periodically reviews the medical condition of all people receiving disability benefits.  The Continuing Disability Review report form and Authorization to Disclose Information to Social Security that recipients complete as part of the continuing disability review process can now be completed online using the recipient’s my Social Security account.  The report form will continue to be mailed to recipients.  The form can be returned by mail or completed online.  (Social Security Dear Colleague Letter, February 28, 2023.)

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New languages for online Unemployment Insurance application

The online application for Unemployment Insurance is now available in Armenian, Korean, and Tagalog.  These languages are in addition to English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.  The application is available through the MyEDD online portal and UI Online.

Unemployment Insurance customers can now receive  updates about the status of their claim and payment notifications via email or text message in those eight languages.  (EDD News Release 24-12, March 28, 2024.)



Direct deposit of Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave benefits

Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave benefits can now be issue by direct deposit into personal checking or savings accounts.  Recipients can elect to have their benefits issued by direct deposit by going to their MyEDD account, selecting profile on the main menu, and then updating their preferred payment option.  (EDD News Release 24-23, June 17, 2024.)

Electronic signatures for CAPI

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued guidance regarding electronic signatures for the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI).  Counties that have electronic signature capability can use it for CAPI applications and redeterminations, as long as the process meets the requirements of the California Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, Civil Code section 1633.1 et seq. Counties can use electronic signatures for all CAPI forms, and for the SSP-14 form.

Counties must ensure that their electronic signature processes include: for telephone signatures, having necessary technology catalog and maintain an audio file to record verbal assent; for other electronic signature options, have the technology to catalog and retrieve an electronic record of the claimant’s actions; for non-paper applications, promptly give a printed application and instructions for correcting errors and omissions; using the date the application was received by the county, and implement confidentiality procedures.

CDSS is working on electronic signature capability for several additional CAPI forms, including the Statement of Facts, and waiver of recovery of overpayment. (ACL 24-41, June 14, 2024.)