ACL 11-13E: CalWORKs Program And CalFresh: Changes In The Treatment Of Federal Tax Credits And Refunds In The CalWORKs And CalFresh Programs (2/10/11)

Well, the original ACL was right…as far as it went. This errata clarifies that the information about tax credits and refunds applies also to the Refugee Cash Assistance, the Entrant Cash Assistance, and the Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Programs. [Download]

ACL 10-18: FNS Census 2010 Demonstration Project-Exclusion Of Earned Income Of Temporary Census Employees (4/19/10)

Information and instructions regarding a Food Stamps demonstration project to exclude earned income from temporary employment in the 2010 Census. The Project is effective January 1, 2010. Counties are to begin excluding income earned by census takers retroactive to January 1, 2010 through September 30, 2010. The information in ACL 09-26 to treat census income as earned income in CalWorks, Refugee Cash Assistance, and the Trafficking and Crime Victims’ Assistance Program still applies. [Download]

ACIN I-26-10: Cuban/Haitian Entrant Program And Temporary Protected Status For Haitian Nationals (4/8/10)

Bad news for earthquake displaced Haitians: The feds clarified that Office of Refugee Resettlement can be provided only to Haitians who are: parole status as a Haitian Entrants, paroled into the U.S. and has not acquired any other status; subject to removal, deportation, or removal proceedings but does not have a final, non-appealable order; has an application for asylum pending. Thus, although many Haitians got Temporary Protected Status, and may have work authorization, they are not eligible for ORR services. Nor are they eligible for food stamps. CDSS will issue information on CalWORKs eligibility later. [Download]

ACIN I-02-10: Exclusion From Income and Resources/Payments To Certain Filipino World War II Veterans (1/26/10)

The ARRA created a Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund, which provides for certain veterans and the spouses of those veterans to receive a one-time payment of up to $15,000. The law specifies that these benefits are not to be used to determine eligibility for or amount of benefits in any federal program. The provisions were effective April 1, 2009. CWDs must determine if any retroactive payments were received since that time, but are only required to review cases for retroactive payments at recertification, or when it is discovered that a Filipino veteran received a payment from the Fund. CWDs must then determine if the payment not excluded, and take corrective action to restore benefits. [Download]