ACL 11-22: Implementation Of The New Inter-County Transfer Process For CalFresh Program Benefits (3/25/11)

Ding dong, the wicked witch of county-only Food Stamps (CalFresh) eligibility is dead! This letter implements (new) Welfare & Institutions Code § 11053.2, and sets out the inter-county transfer process for CalWORKs and/or Medi-Cal linked cases, as well as non-assistance CalFresh cases. Implementation is to be done no later than 4/1/11. [Download]

ACL 11-26: Heathcock v. Allenby Lawsuit – Statewide Policy Regarding Initiating Collection On Overissuance (O/I) Claims Requirements In The CalFresh Program (3/14/11)

At long last, the ACL directs counties that they are required by SNAP law to provide a 1) a Notice with a sufficient explanation of what caused the overissuance 2) a detailed budget when sending overissuance notices.  The letter sets out the minimum information that must be included in the explanation narrative. The new budget form, NA 1263, is required and attached to the ACL.  Other Notices were also modified and attached. Counties must implement this within 6 months.  [Download]

ACL 11-13E: CalWORKs Program And CalFresh: Changes In The Treatment Of Federal Tax Credits And Refunds In The CalWORKs And CalFresh Programs (2/10/11)

Well, the original ACL was right…as far as it went. This errata clarifies that the information about tax credits and refunds applies also to the Refugee Cash Assistance, the Entrant Cash Assistance, and the Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Programs. [Download]