ACIN I-07-04 – CAPI for Refugees Discontinued from SSI (January 28, 2004)

Remember that odd provision of Welfare Reform that limited Refugee (and asylee, and Cuban/Haitians, etc.) eligibility to federal benefits to seven years, on the theory that people would just naturally flow into citizenship (at $300 bucks a pop!)? Well, the time’s up and people are getting bumped off. This ACIN tells counties how to process these unlucky elderly and disabled immigrants. Basically, if the person is discontinued for immigration status, and 65 or over, they’re in. If under 65, CAPI will accept the SSI disability determination. (If a medical reevaluation is due, the person will get on CAPI, but then be re-evaluated). If the discontinuance is for disability cessation, the immigrant must apply and qualify based on a regular CAPI application/disability determination. [Download]