ACIN I-38-04 – CalWORKs Welfare-To-Work Inter-County Transfers (ICT) (6/4/04)

The long-awaited for, but not so pleasant guidelines from the state on developing and approving WTW plans and providing supportive services to CalWORKs recipients who move from one county to another. “CDSS encourages counties to make every effort to help the individual make a smooth and expeditious transition …” The “receiving” (new) County is, within the 30-day ITC period, to establish a CalWORKs WTW case and ensure participation. During this time, the county “can” do an assessment, and review the previous CalWORKs WTW plan, if one was completed, and determine that plan remains appropriate, given the labor market and available resources in the “new” county. If so, the county should refer the individual to that activity, “when feasible.” If a specific activity is appropriate, but not available, the county should refer the individual to a “comparable activity.” If the old plan is no longer appropriate, the county must determine the appropriate WTW activity and amend the plan. Continuation in the original welfare to work plan is specifically stated as being solely within the county’s discretion. The ACIN sets out some considerations, though to guide this discretion, including items not found in the statute or regs, such as whether “the training location is within the norm of how far other people in the same county customarily travel for training or for work,” whether the individual complied with the requirements of his or her current program “in a manner that leads the county to believe that he or she will successfully complete the program,” and whether the individual will be able to complete the current activity within a reasonable period of time. The county should also determine the appropriate support services during the ITC period. [Download]