ACIN I-49-04 – CalWORKs Family Reunification (FR) Program (July 14, 2004)

Although the Family Reunification (FR) regulations were effective in April, the notice is just going out now, the state having given up on writing Q & A’s to clarify the new policy for now. Counties must provide welfare-to-work (“WTW”) activities and supportive services to the parents of children in out-of-home care, via Child Welfare Services, if necessary for family reunification (“FR”). Of note:

• 18- or 24-month time limit does not apply to FR services.

• Sanctioned adults can still get FR WTW services.

• A CalWORKs assessment and WTW plan are required for any WTW activities and services separate and beyond those specified in the FR plan.

• CalWORKs WTW sanction provisions don’t apply to reunification parents if they are soley in an FR (vs. a WTW) plan.

• Time during which a sanctioned individual is a reunification parent counts toward meeting the CalWORKs minimum sanction period. [Download]