DHS ACL 04-29 – CalWORKs Family Reunification Program (October 7, 2004)

Informs counties of the CalWORKs Family Reunification (FR) Program. FR cases are CalWORKs cases in which the children have been removed from the home and placed in out-of-home care by the county child welfare services agency. Under CalWORKs rules, the children are considered temporarily absent from the Assistance Unit while their parents are receiving reunification services. However, under federal Medicaid rules the children are not considered temporarily absent because they have been removed from the home. Therefore the reunification parents are not eligible for Section 1931(b) and Medically Needy Medi-Cal programs. The letter reiterates that the Medi-Cal eligibility worker must reevaluate the case to determine whether the parents qualify under another Medi-Cal program. [Download]