HUD PIH Notice 2006-5(HA) – Implementation of the 2006 HUD Appropriations Act (Public Law 109-115); Funding Provisions for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (January 13, 2006)

“This Notice implements the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program funding provisions resulting from enactment of the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2006 HUD Appropriations Act … signed into law on November 30, 2005.” Among other things, this Notice describes the method by which HUD will allocate funds for FFY 2006 to public housing authorities (PHAs) consistent with the HUD Appropriations Act. Most important for housing advocates and PHA directors and staff is the provision permitting a PHA to apply to HUD for funds to adjust (increase) its baseline funding allocation. Congress has appropriated $45 million dollars for such adjustments. The adjustments are available only to (1) adjust allocations for Calendar Year 2005 renewal funding that was based on leasing and cost data averaged for the months of May, June and July of 2004 which, due to temporarily low leasing levels during these months did not accurately reflect actual leasing levels and costs for such period; and (2) adjust allocations for PHAs that experienced a significant increase in renewal costs from unforeseen circumstances or portability.

Is that crystal clear? The bottom line is that the application deadline for adjustment funds is close of business (5:00 p.m. EST) January 31, 2006. So, advocates and PHAs in jurisdictions that may be eligible should take note and act quickly. Surprisingly, the application form which is attached to this Notice is short and simple. [Download]