ACWDL 06-03: Medi-Cal Eligibility 1115 Waiver for Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina (1/30/06)

Informs that California’s § 1115 Waiver Application was approved by CMS, providing Medi-Cal coverage to Hurricane Katrina evacuees and superseding ACWDL 05-30 and 05-30E. The letter also explains that evacuee status is good for five consecutive months, for application dates of August 24, 2005, and January 31, 2006. The period of August 24-31, 2005, does not count toward the five-month period, but no applications dated on or after February 1, 2006, will be approved under the waiver. Regular Medi-Cal eligibility requirements still must be satisfied; that is, the waiver does not cover adults aged 19-64 who are not disabled and have no dependents. If the applicant would have been eligible for regular Medi-Cal without the waiver, he or she does not have to reapply; if not otherwise eligible under any of the waiver’s seven eligibility groups, applicants must receive a Notice of Action informing them of the temporary status of their eligibility and their needs to reapply for permanent benefits. [Download]