ACL 06-27 – CalWORKs Changes To Sanction Policies (July 25, 2006)

Durational sanctions have ended! Effective immediately, all adults on CalWORKs sanctions can cure the financial penalty without any specified minimum time limit. (In other words, the minimum 3 to 6 month sanction time no longer exists). The cure process for 1st sanctions, set out in ACL 05-39, will be process for all sanctioned adults now. Counties are to contact all those currently on 3-6 month sanctions to inform them of this, and invite them to contact a worker to cure now. The statute was effective June 12,2006; clients who immediately cure upon being informed of the end of durational sanctions who are not restored to that date should contact Dora or Nu at Western Center, 213-487-7211 x 2337 or 2629. [Download]