ACL 06-35 – Quality Assurance/Improvement Monitoring Regulations For The In-Home Supportive Services/Personal Care Services/Independence Plus Waiver Programs (September 1, 2006).

This ACL transmits the regs to implement the SB1104 provisions intended to “improve the quality of IHSS/PCSP need assessments, enhance program integrity, and detect and prevent program fraud and abuse.” Counties must establish a dedicated IHSS Quality Assurance/Improvement function, and to develop policies, procedures, implementation timelines, and instructions under which county QA/QI programs will perform mandated activities regarding IHSS programs. Counties must have a standardized process with regularly scheduled reviews; case samples from all district offices, a needs assessment process; and desk and home-visit reviews. Needless to say, counties also must include procedures for preventing and detecting fraud, including follow-up if fraud is suspected and to collection of overpayments. [Download]