ACL 06-45 – CalWORKs Change in Funding of the Separate State Program for Two-Parent Families (October 3, 2006)

Well, since the Deficit Reduction Act counts separate state funded programs (SSP’s) that count for MOE purposes for the work participation rate, California’s SSP for 2-parent families will now no longer be an SSP. It will be a TANF program effective October 1, 2006. (Yup, 2 days prior to the letter being issued). And though the SSP was supposed to be to allow creative programming to serve the 2-parent families, they are now in TANF to make sure they participate. These families will now be under aid code “35” (with some exceptions for those that really care). This impacts these families, who will be using their federal 60 months of TANF aid now. [Download]