ACL 06-46 – TANF Reauthorization and CalWORKs WTW County Plan Addendum (October 5, 2006)

Just a heads up what’s coming down the pike. Per AB 1808 and TANF reauthorization implementation, all counties must amend their CalWORKs plans on file with the state. They must describe. This letter also summarizes the TANF changes. The ACL lists the information that, at a minimum, must be in the plans (How the county will address increased participation (up-front engagement); re-engaging noncompliant or sanctioned individuals; sanction prevention; full engagement of those partially or not participating; increasing work participation; how the county spend its money; anticipated outcomes resulting from county program improvements; how the county will measure progress in achieving the anticipated outcomes; how the county will collaborate with local agencies).

Counties have 90 days from the date of the letter to file the plan addendum with the state. The ACL also includes a self-diagnostic (optional) tool for counties to assist them in assessing their current programs with an eye towards improving participation.

Counties are also reminded that they cannot require applicants to participate in WTW activities, including WTW orientation, appraisal, and job search, but they may participate on a voluntary basis. Counties also cannot make such participation a condition of eligibility for aid, deny an application for failing to participate during application, or impose WTW sanctions on an applicant, regardless of the applicant’s consent to participate in the activities. [Download]