ACL 06-60: Eligibility For Aid and Services for Non-Citizen Victims Of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, And Other Serious Crimes (12/21/06)

This letter transmits the provisions implementing a new state program to assist victims of Trafficking, DV and other serious crimes. The program is effective January 1, 207, and is implemented via this ACL, pending emergency regulations. The new program covers those seeing “T” visas and “U” visas, who are not yet eligible for federal benefits. Affected persons (adults and minors) can receive social services equivalent to those available to refugees, including (but not limited to): Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), California Food Assistance Program (CFAP), CalWORKs, CAPI, IHSS, and Employment Social Services. Self-certification plus one other document demonstrating the trafficking, DV or other serious crime suffices. If the person has no other document, self-certification alone is sufficient if the agency finds the statement credible. The individual must also be pursuing the appropriate via with USCIS. [Download]