ACIN I-54-07: Paid Family Leave (PFL) Program, For IHSS Providers (10/2/07)

Although IHSS providers have been paying for the PFL program since January 2004, the state is just now explaining the program to counties. The PFL program is an enhancement to the State Disability Insurance (SDI) program, providing partial wage replacement for up to six weeks in a 12-month period when the provider takes time off work to care for parents, children, spouses, and registered domestic partners or to bond with a new minor child. This program provides protection against wage loss only, it does not protect the individual’s job. EDD administers the PFL program. Per the ACIN, EDD must answer all questions and provide claim forms. Although counties can provide EDD-supplied posters, pamphlets, and other materials to educate providers the PFL, if an IHSS provider asks the county for a claim form, the county is to tell them to contact EDD. [Download]