ACL 07-28: SB 1641 (Foster Care Placements) (10/25/07)

Senate Bill 1641 requires a Foster Care placement agency to ensure, “to the fullest extent possible,” the placement best meets the day-to-day needs of the child by assessing which type of placement (relative, family home, group) meets the health, safety, and well-being needs of the child, in the least restrictive most family-like environment, and in which the child is permitted to engage in reasonable, age-appropriate day-to-day activities. And just in case reason leaves us, the bill requires foster caregivers to use a “prudent parent standard” to determine day-to-day activities that are age-appropriate, and specify that they are not allowed to permit the child to engage in day-to-day activities that carry an unreasonable risk of harm or subject the child to abuse or neglect. [Download]