ACL 07-48: Clarifying Guidance Regarding Candidates For Foster Care (11/20/07)

Clarification on when a child is a “candidate” for foster care, for purposes of getting IV-E funds for pre-placement prevention services.  The definition of “candidate” is that the child be “at serious risk of removal”  as evidenced by the state agency either pursuing his/her removal from the home or making reasonable efforts to prevent such removal,” this was interpreted too broadly.  The clarification states that “a decision must have been made that the next step for the child was foster care.”  In California, this can be documented in one of 3 ways: 1) A defined case plan which clearly indicates that, absent effective preventive services, foster care is the planned arrangement for the child; 2) Evidence of court removal proceedings ; OR 3) An eligibility determination form completed by the County Welfare Department which establishes the child’s eligibility under Title IV-E.  Documentation needs to be done every 6 months.  [Download