ACL 08-03: CAPI Conditional Benefits After Naturalization (1/5/08)

This ACL implements new law to bridge the gap between eligibility for CAPI as a non-citizen and the start of SSI payments. (CAPI used to end when the person naturalized.) W&IC section 18939.5 now provides a conditional continuation of CAPI until SSI starts, but only if many hoops are jumped through. The individual must: remains otherwise eligible; request conditional benefits (by filling out the mandatory Request for Conditional CAPI form (SOC 830) attached to the ACL); applies for SSI within 30 days of signing the SOC 830; and and fully cooperates in the application and appeal process of the Social Security Administration (SSA). If the person does not comply at any point with these requirements, s/he also certifies it’s an collectible overpayment. [Download]