ACIN I-46-08: Revisions To Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Forms (6/12/08)

Two years ago, CDSS and the Social Security Administration entered an agreement to modify the IGAR forms. And, viola (2 years late) is the new form. The ACIN also provides clarification regarding the IAR reimbursement process. The new forms are effective immediately.

A federal law change in 2006 requires that any past due monthly SSI/SSP benefits that exceed three times (formerly twelve) the maximum monthly SSI/SSP payment must be paid in installments. The revised SSP 14 form now includes language that speaks to the alternate IAR procedure for these cases. The new form also: clarifies that an IA agency cannot use the same signed IAR authorization form for both an initial and a post-eligibility payment of SSI/SSP benefits; provides definitions; clarifies that the IA agency can reimburse itself for the months up to and including the month the individual’s SSI/SSP benefits begin; clarifies how the form serves as a protective filing; specifies that the authorization will be void if it is not received by SSA from the IA agency within a specific time period and that it must be signed and dated; and clarifies applicants’ appeal rights. [Download]