ACWDL 08-29: Final federal rule changes to the citizenship/ identity requirements for Medi-Cal eligibility (7/9/2008)

This all county letter updates information and instructions from ACWDL 07-12 with new federal DRA policy clarifications and changes. A few of the major changes/ clarifications are:

    • Former Medicare and SSI beneficiaries are not exempt from having to provide identification and citizenship verification.
    • While there are several different tiers of documents, counties must accept the evidence provided as the best available evidence including affidavits.
    • SAVE verification is acceptable evidence of citizenship for naturalized citizens.
    • Verification that an adopted child has met the requirements for establishing citizenship under the Child Citizenship Act is acceptable evidence of citizenship.
    • Naturalized Citizens may use affidavits of citizenship which do not need to be notarized.

There are many other changes/ clarifications in the letter detailing what documentation can be used to prove citizenship and identification. There are several specific documents now available as proof for children under 16. The letter includes amended notices, forms, and detailed descriptions of acceptable DRA documents. [Download]