ACL 08-31: New Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) Agreement For Foster Youth (7/18/08)

Latest rules and forms for transitional living plans for teens 15 ½ and 16. The TILP describes the youth’s current level of functioning, identify emancipation goals, services, activities and individuals assisting the youth in the process of obtaining self-sufficiency. The new form is effective immediately. The plan is to be a collaborative effort if the youth, the county social worker/probation officer, the caregiver and/or other dedicated adult(s) in the youth’s life. It must document 1) Goals identified by the youth 2) Any supportive activities necessary to ensure that the youth reaches his/her goals 3) Who is responsible to perform the supportive activities 4) A target completion date for achieving the goals 5) Progress toward reaching the goals (and check boxes to mark off completion). [Download]