ACWDL 08-30: Implementation of aid code 06 for the Out-of-State Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance and aid code 46 for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (7/14/2008)

The federal government contributes to states’ costs of providing subsidies and Medicaid for adopted children or children in foster care who meet certain eligibility criteria. The Compacts provide for uniformity and consistency of policy and procedures when a child with special needs is adopted or fostered by a family in another state or the adoptive or foster family moves to another state. When a child enters California through ICAMA or ICPC, the sending state pays the cash subsidy, but the children receive Medi-Cal through California. In May 2001, California became a member of the ICAMA, but counties have been using existing aid codes for these children which does not allow for tracking of these cases.  DHCS is implementing the two new aid codes for appropriate tracking of out-of-state Medi-Cal for these children. [Download]