ACWDL 08-48E: Errate to ACWDL 08-48 discontinuance of cost avoidance Medicare Part B premiums for beneficiaries with a SOC over $500 (10/31/2008)

This letter corrects the date that affected beneficiaries will see the Part B premium deducted from their Social Security checks. Checks will be affected December, 2008, not November as stated in ACWDL 08-48. Counties are also reminded that they can suggest the 250% Working Disabled Program to beneficiaries as a program in which beneficiaries are not responsible for the Part B premium. DHCS sent a letter in October, 2008 alerting beneficiaries that they would have to begin paying the Part B premium; unfortunately they sent this letter to beneficiaries who are MSP eligible too. In November they will send a letter to the same group of people with more information about the Part B premium, MSPs, SOC, and the 250%WDP. Enclosed in this ACWDL is a copy of the letter SS will be sending to beneficiaries regarding the Part B premium. [Download]