ACL 08-58: Relative And Nonrelative Extended Family Member Caregivers – Criminal Record Clearance And Exemption Transfers (12/1/08)

This letter implements SB 776 which allows inter county transfers of a criminal record clearance or exemption when both counties (sending and receiving) have criminal record clearance and exemption authority. (The idea is that it will make it less likely that a foster child would be removed from care during the time it takes for the new county to conduct criminal record clearances and/or exemptions.) When jurisdiction changes from one county to another, the caregiver and all adults residing in the home will not have to be fingerprinted by the new county of jurisdiction. The letter sets forth the requires to qualify for this transfer. A BCII 9002 form (attached) must be completed for every adult (or person over the age of 14 who has had a criminal record clearance or exemption approved) residing in the home for which transfer is required. [Download]