ACWDL 08-57: 2009 Medicare premiums and Supplemental Security Income standard and parent allocations for the Qualified Medicare/Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary/Qualifying Individuals-1 and other programs (12/18/2008)

The standard allocation increased from $319 to $337. The parent allocation is $674 for an individual and $1,011 for a couple. The 2009 Medicare Part A premium is $443 for those with fewer than 30 quarters of work and $244 for those with 30-39 quarters of work. The Part B premium will hold steady at $96.40 (more for those who make over $85,000) and the deductible will remain $135. Title II COLAs for all FPL programs will be disregarded until the new FPLs are effective for the particular program. [Download]