ACWDL 09-03: The Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003 (2/9/09)

In 2005 AB 205 gave registered domestic partners (RDP) the rights and responsibilities of spouses under California law; this letter details how Medi-Cal eligibility will be determined for RDPs. This letter also applies to couples who have entered into legal unions in other states that are substantially equivalent to RDPs, not including marriage. Most Medi-Cal programs are based on federal law and receive federal funding; DHCS has determined that AB 205 has no eligibility impact on those federal Medi-Cal programs. RDPs with mutual children will be treated as unmarried parents. DHCS has determined that AB 205 will impact eligibility for certain State-only funded Medi-Cal programs. The letter works through several eligibility scenarios, some involving CalWORKs and some involving Medi-Cal only determinations. [Download]