ACL 11-52: FY 2011-12 CalWORKs Child Care Programs – Update to ACL 11-38 re: Family Fees (7/19/11)

This letter overrides the portions of ACL 11-38 impacted by of the  AB 114 budget bill.  AB 114 reestablished Stage One child care age eligibility for 11 and 12 year olds, to the extent funds are available, returning the program to the same procedures in place prior to the SB 70 budget cuts.  In doing so, it rescinds the first priority for enrollment (or wait lists) for a before or after school program, putting back in place the preferred placement rule.

AB 114 also eliminated the 10% family fees, but maintained lowering of the income eligibility limit to 70 percent of the State Median Income. Therefore, the family fee schedule will only be adjusted to incorporate the lower income eligibility limit.  AB 114 also lowered the CDE contract reductions from 15% to 11% for CalWORKs Stage Three and other CDE child care programs. These reductions do not affect CalWORKs
Stage One or CalWORKs Stage Two contracts.

CWDs must send an informing notice (suggested language provided) to CalWORKs Stage One Child Care clients regarding 11-12 year old changes. [Download]