The end of SSI cash-out

The California Department of Social Services has issued instructions implementing the end of SSI cash-out.  SSI/SSP recipients are ineligible for CalFresh.  Instead, SSI/SSP recipients receive an extra $10 per month in SSP benefits.  AB 1811 Sections 38-41 end the SSI cash-out.  When implemented, this change will make SSI/SSP recipients eligible for CalFresh. The change will be implemented on June 1, 2019.  If automation cannot be completed implementation can be delayed until August 1, 2019. Newly eligible households, that is new applicants in which all members are SSI/SSP recipients, will be eligible for CalFresh as of the implementation date.  If a newly-eligible SSI/SSP only household submits an application within the calendar month prior to implementation, the county must process the application but will not issue benefits until the implementation date.

SSI/SSP recipients in ongoing households will be eligible for CalFresh at the household’s next periodic report, annual recertification, or when voluntarily requested by the household.  A new application will not be required to add an SSI/SSP recipient to an ongoing household.

Grants under the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants increase by $10 per individual and $20 per couple.  SSI/SSP recipients will be eligible for the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

All SSI/SSP recipients will be considered elderly and/or disabled household members for CalFresh purposes.

Income, resources and deductions of the SSI/SSP recipient will be considered when determining CalFresh eligibility.  Households in which all members of household receive SSI/SSP will be considered categorically eligible for CalFresh. This means that no additional verification is needed for resources, gross or net income, Social Security Number, sponsored immigrant information or residency.

Households will not be required to report termination of SSI/SSP mid-period.  However, if termination of SSI/SSP becomes known to the county it must take action mid-period.

Transitional CalFresh cases will be treated like other ongoing CalFresh cases.

Counties must provide reasonable accommodations for the disabilities of newly eligible SSI/SSP recipients. (ACL 18-90, July 31, 2018)