Funding for emergency caregiver placement

Emergency Caregiver Funding for families with whom a child or non-minor dependant has been placed on an emergency basis has been continued.  This funding is also available for placements for a “compelling reason” pending approval as a Resource Family.

In addition, effective July 1, 2019, Emergency Caregiver funding must be paid to an emergency caregiver with whom an Indian child is placed pending approval as a Tribally Approved Home.  A TAH is a home that has been licensed or approved for placement of an Indian child by the Indian child’s tribe, or a tribe or tribal organization designated by the Indian child’s tribe, for foster care or adoptive placement using standards established by the Indian child’s tribe

To initiate funding on or after July 1, 2019, there must be a placement prior to approval in California on an emergency basis, or, for pending Resource Family Approval only, placement for a compelling reason.  Then the emergency caregiver must submit a Resource Family Approval application or initiate the Tribally Approved Home process with the tribe.  Finally, the caregiver must submit an application for emergency assistance.  The beginning date of aid is the date of placement.

Emergency Caregiver funding is available for up to 120 days, or until the emergency caregiver is approved as a Resource Family or Tribally Approved Home, or the child is no longer placed in the home, whichever is first.  (ACL 19-84, September 4, 2019.)