Resource Family Approval Program portability

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued answers to frequently asked questions regarding portability, the process for an approved Resource Family to seek streamlined approval with a subsequent agency that will best serve the needs to families and children.  The portability process is initiated only by the Resource Family.

Responses to the frequently asked questions include: the subsequent agency does not have a time frame to complete subsequent approval; subsequent agencies must accept portability applications; if the subsequent agency denies a portability application it must inform the current agency of the denial and if the county denies a portability application, it must provide a notice of action.

A new foster family agency must do a new criminal background check for the resource family.  If there is a pending investigation, the subsequent agency can complete portability, but the best practice is to wait until the investigation or administrative action is completed before moving forward to complete the portability process.  The current agency cannot charge the subsequent agency a fee to release records.  (ACL 19-97, October 30, 2019.)