$500 Home Visiting Initiative Material Goods Fund

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued guidance for County Welfare Departments (CWDs) participating in the CalWORKs Home Visiting Program (HVP) regarding the use of the $500 material goods funds. Counties should coordinate with home visitors and CalWORKs staff to provide $500 for the purchase of material goods for each family served by HVP. This money may be spent on multiple items and at multiple times, but it is cumulative per case and does not reset.

The funds can be used on items related to the care, health, and safety of the child and family. It may be spent on food if the home visitor decides that it is an immediate need. The funds are not meant to be an incentive to participate, but as a mechanism to help vulnerable families. Counties and their subrecipients and contractors are reminded that these funds cannot be issued directly to participants or used to supplant services already provided through WTW supportive services.

All CalWORKs HVP participants in participating counties are eligible for the $500 material goods funds. If a parent or assisted caretaker relative is removed from the CalWORKS program but continues to participate in HVP, they would still be eligible for HVP services including the $500 material goods. If the custodial parents agrees, participation by the non-custodial parent can be counted for the home visiting initiative.  (ACIN I-4-20 , January 22, 2020.)