Medi-Cal public health crisis or disaster reminders

The Department of Health Care Services has issued a reminder regarding Medi-Cal processes during a public health crisis for disaster.  For all populations affected by a public health crisis or disaster, counties must continue to provide benefits beyond the certification period, as needed, to provide additional time to submit renewals or verifications.

Counties must also modify eligibility requirements at application or renewal to allow for self-attestation.  Counties can accept an affidavit under penalty of perjury to verify residency, income and property when individuals are not able to provide necessary verification because of a public health crisis or disaster.

Counties may receive urgent intercounty transfer requests when beneficiaries need to relocate to be with friends or family in another county.  Beneficaries may contact either the sending county or the receiving county to assist with either a permanent or a short-term transfer of their case.   (MEDIL I-20-06, March 12, 2020.)