CalWORKs Stage One child care notices of action

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued instructions regarding changes to required notices of action for Stage One child care.  These changes reflect the new immediate and continuous CalWORKS child care rules.

The notice of Child Care Services Approval (NA 832) is changed to 1) add an option to approve child care for 12 months or until the participant transfers to Stage Two child care or is otherwise ineligible; 2) inform exempt volunteers that continuing child care depends on signing a Welfare-to-Work plan, but the participant remains eligible for child care even if they do not participate in the activity; 3) revise child care reimbursement language regarding the TrustLine process.

The notice of Child Care Change (NA 833) is changed to 1) clarify that child care will only be reimbursed for time that services are rendered, and 2) add language regarding the TrustLine process.

The notice of Child Care Denial (NA 834) is changed to 1) add as a reason for denial that a participant is exempt from Welfare-to-Work, not currently participating in Welfare-to-Work, and does not intent to participate and 2) include new language about sanctioned cases.

The notice of Child Care Discontinuance (NA 835) is changed to add reasons for discontinuance that the participant meets the county definition of stable and is being transferred to Stage Two, that child authorization will end in six months, and that the participant did not submit documents required to renew child care.  (All County Letter 20-03, February 3, 2020.)