Changes to CalWORKs Home Visiting Program

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) informs counties of changes to the CalWORKs Home Visiting Program (HVP) because of passage of SB 80.  HVP provides home visits to families with children under 24 months and pregnant persons to support positive health, development and well-being outcomes.

Counties may now serve families that are not first time parents.  Any family with a child under age 24 months can now be provided HVP.  Pregnant persons who have applied for CalWORKs within 60 days of reaching the second trimester of pregnancy and would be eligible for CalWORKs except for not having reached the second trimester of pregnancy also now can receive HVP.   Individuals who have applied for and are apparently eligible for CalWORKs can now receive HVP.

Counties now have the option to incorporate participation of the non-custodial parent into HVP upon agreement by both the custodial and non-custodial parents.  Counties must ensure privacy of case information between the parents is protected.

A CalWORKs applicant who started receiving HVP and then withdrew their application can continue receiving HVP if no other home visiting program is available.

Counties are no longer required to serve the eligible population before serving additional individuals.

Individuals in the Cal-Learn program are eligible for HVP.  (ACL 20-23, February 10, 2020.)