COVID-19 CMSP access to care

The County Medical Services Program Governing Board (CMSP) has issued instructions regarding access to care because of COVID-19.  Counties must delay discontinuances and negative actions for CMSP because of COVID-19.  This delay is effective for 90 days.

Denied Medi-Cal applicants who are age 21-64, not disabled and over income for MAGI-based Medi-Cal should be screened for CMSP eligibility and provided the CMSP Supplemental Application.  The CMSP Supplemental Application may be signed by telephonic signature.

Covered California’s special enrollment period because of COVID-19 will not be considered open enrollment for purposes of CMSP eligibility determinations.

CMSP will provide coverage for COVID-19 testing for all CMSP members at no cost.  Share of Cost requirements will be waived for any provider office, urgent care center, and emergency room visits to receive COVID-19 testing at contracted and non-contracted providers within California.  (CMSP Letter 20-02, March 31, 2020.)