COVID-19 extended sick leave for food service workers

Governor Newsom has issued an Executive Order giving extended sick leave to food service workers impacted by COVID-19.  The Order grants 80 additional hours of sick leave to food service workers, as defined in the Order, who were working full time or scheduled to work 40 hours per week the two weeks prior to taking sick leave.  The workers must be subject to a quarantine order, advised by a health care professional to self-quarantine or isolate, or are prohibited from working by the employer because of health concerns related to COVID-19 to be eligible. Part time workers are eligible for extended sick leave based on the number of hours they have worked or are expected to work.

An employer may not require using other paid or unpaid leave, paid time off or vacation time prior to using supplemental sick leave.

The Labor Commissioner shall enforce this Order.  The supplemental paid sick leave will be effective for the pendency of any statewide stay-at-home orders issued by the State Public Health Officer.  (Executive Order N-51-20, April 16, 2020.)