COVID-19 guidance for child care R&Rs and LPCs

The California Department of Education (CDE) has issued guidance for child care Resource and Referral (R&R) programs and Local Planning Councils about requirements because of COVID-19.  R&Rs and LPCs must remain open and operate virtually.  They must be available to assist in county development of emergency child care for essential workers and to help coordinate early learning and care programs, providers and families searching for care.

R&Rs are the lead coordinator of emergency supply, demand and referral and response for each county unless the county appoints another agency.  By April 30, 2020, R&Rs and LPCs must update their emergency response plans for staffing and continuity of services to include COVID-19 guidelines.

All R&R programs must work with their licensed providers to collect or update information on each provider’s status, capacity and vacancy at least twice per week and submit that data to the the state.  That data will be made public here.

With CDE’s approval, R&Rs can support purchases of essential commodities and supplies for local child care providers.  (MB 20-07, April 15, 2020.)