COVID-19 IHSS social worker overtime and outreach

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued guidance regarding social worker outreach and overtime.  CDSS will augment IHSS administrative fund to support social worker overtime.  Social workers’ primary work during overtime should be initial face-to-face assessment, answering and returning phone calls, assessments because of a change in condition or circumstances that would increase hours and assistance with provider enrollment.

In addition, IHSS and Adult Protective Services social workers should identify and outreach to program recipients who may need additional support during the COVID-19 emergency.  Counties should prioritize recipients who are most at-risk for outreach.  For example, recipients who are over 80 years old, living alone, or do not have an active provider can be prioritized.  Counties will receive funding for these activities.  (ACL 20-30, March 30, 2020.)