COVID-19 extension of CalFresh waivers

Federal waivers for CalFresh initial application and recertification interviews, requirement to conduct a face-to-face interview and of recording equipment for telephonic signatures have been extended to June 30, 2020.  The interview waiver has been extended to recertifications.  CalFresh recertifications for March, April and May were postponed.  Recertifications with a June submit month will occur and the interview for those recertifications is waived.  Detailed guidance on the waiver is here, summarized here.

In June, counties will begin processing recertifications for Transitional Nutrition Benefits, the program for households that lost CalFresh eligibility because a SSI recipient was added to the household.  A Notice of Recertification for Transitional Nutrition Benefit Program must be received including a signature for the household to continue receiving Transitional Nutrition Benefits.  If the county receives an incomplete recertification form, the county may contact the household to complete the form over the phone.  The county may collect an electronic signature over the phone or document the recipient’s agreement in the case file.  (ACWDL, May 28, 2020.)