IHSS medical accompaniment

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has provided additional guidance regarding In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) medical accompaniment services.  Medical accompaniment is assistance necessary for the recipient to accomplish travel to and attend medical appointments.  ACL 17-42 states that accompaniment is only authorized when the recipient needs another IHSS service during transportation and/or at the destination.

CDSS is adding that the recipient is eligible for medical accompaniment services when the recipient cannot accomplish travel to a health care appointment or alternative resource site alone because of their disability and the presence of the IHSS provider would allow the recipient to accomplish the travel.  In this situation, the county can authorize accompaniment because the providers presence assists the recipient in accomplishing the travel.

Waiting time associated with the appointment should be authorized if the recipient continues to require the assistance of the provider to remain at the appointment.  If the recipient can attend the appointment without the provider, waiting time should only be authorized in accordance with ACL 16-01 and ACL 17-42.  (ACL 20-35, May 8, 2020.)