COVID-19 APS protocols

Effective June 22, 2020, county Adult Protective Services (APS) will return to normal protocols for in-person visits and monthly welfare checks.  This includes a face-to-face investigation when an elder or dependent adult is in imminent danger, 10-day in-person response to protect the individual’s health and safety, and in-person monitoring visits every 30 days unless a written visitation plan justifies otherwise.  Counties must respond in-person to immediate threats such a physical or sexual abuse.

Social workers may ask clients or family members to wear a mask during the visit but cannot require it.  Social workers must have protective equipment before going on the in-person visit.  Protective equipment should be available from the county Office of Emergency Services.

Counties may continue to conduct investigations and monthly monitoring visits by telephone or videoconference under certain circumstances including: following city or county public health direction, the individual subject to the report refuses in-person entry, someone in the household has been exposed to COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms, or an in-person respond was done and the county determines that additional monthly monitoring visits can be safely done by telephone or videoconference.  (ACL 20-66, June 11, 2020.)